Bdsupplement Training Program

Training Overview 
We start of the first week by deloading , meaning we are gonna take things slow this week . But not that slow, each workout has to be finished by 45 mins. The trainer is equally good for men and women.  And no women wont get muscular like me but will tone up so 15 to 20 reps recommended for women.

Week 1 has 3 workout days  
Day 1 chest /back          Day 2 arms       Day 3 legs / shoulder

Each workout will last 45 min to 60mins max. If you are taking more time you are taking too much rest. This is the intensity this week.

Eating is the hardest and most impotant part of the program. . Having 6 meals is difficult but needs to be done  bwith enough calories with the right macros.

Supplementing right is a big part of the program and to get the best results you need to be 100% with it.
The supplements you need are 
Whey protein, 
Mass gainer, 
Creatine , 
Pre workout .

For personalized diet and training program contact our official numbers .


Monazir Alam Khan
Founder Director Bdsupplement
Author inventor BDS RTP
Bodybuilding /Fitness consultant Bdsupplement
For personalised diet and training program contact our official numbers .



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